Land Yachtz Small Blind Complete

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Corner tightly and in full control with the Small Blind Downhill Longboard Deck This shape is designed to bring you an extreme amount of grip and agility for both racecourses and mountain rides as well. The short wheelbase and small size allow you to make the most out of every corner. Foot-locking concave with very limited flex A mellow concave with a bit of rocker and w-shape will ensure that you are always in control and locked in on your board All 4 wheels will stay firmly grounded thanks to the maple and carbon layering used for the Small Blind SPECIFICATIONS Wheelbase: 20" (50.8cm) Deck length: 29.5" (75cm) Deck width: 9" (22.9cm) Deck material: Canadian maple, 7-ply Additional materials: Epoxy, Carbon Deck features: Wheel wells, Directional Concave: W-shaped Griptape: ML Black Riding Style: Downhill, Freeride Trucks: Independent Standard 169 Wheels: 70mm Dogtown Spacers Bearings: Bones REDS Bearing Spacers: Bones Hardware: 1 1/4" Blk