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Amalio “Nino” Murillo is one of our local riders in Prescott, Az. He is 28 years old, 6’1”, 207lbs and wears 10.5 in-line skate. He has been very passionate about blading since he was 11 years old. From the beginning, he would always try to keep up with the newest skate films coming out and learning everything he could about blading. He’s a true student of the sport, As a teen for Nino, it was all about grabbing your friends, a 12 pack of Mountain Dew, and trying every trick and whatever sketchy stuff he could think of to really push the limits of skating! Now after blading for so long and getting to know the sport for nearly two decades, his passion stays strong, as well as wanting to get other people into it rollerblading, so that they can see what it’s all about! Nino is excited to be part of the KRS team and to be such an enthusiast of the next generation!


 Photo Credit: Ryan Daily

Andrew Scherf is 33 years old from Arizona and has been rollerblading for 23 years now. Outside of blading, he is a father of one wild kid and enjoys spending time doing anything his son loves to do, which currently is gaming. He also enjoys traveling, gaming, buying (and actually wearing) shoes, and most recently modifying his car. He is grateful to be apart of rollerblading as it has allowed him to meet some awesome and amazingly talented people all over the world. Many of which he is lucky to call friends now. He excited to see what the future unfolds and new adventures as he continues to be a part of the KRS team!



Craig “The Count” Parsons is 47 years old from Ohio has been skating for 25 years. At 47, he is still one of the top rollerbladers around and very active in the blading community. His hobbies include rollerblading, working out, and enjoying time with his family. His favorite skaters are Dustin Latimer and Chris Haffey. His favorite trick is any topside trick or any type of backslide. He loves skating skate parks and he also loves street skating. His sponsors include: Death Squad Blading, Murdah Militia, Kulture Ride Supply, Chenga Skate Park, and he has been riding for Remz for around 11! His Pro Wheel can purchased at Kulture Ride Supply. His goal is to learn something new when he skates no matter where he skates each time.



Kevin LeBron is a father , husband, and in-line skater currently residing in the beautiful Tampa Florida. He has been skating for his entire life. He started skating at 4 years old! One of his oldest memories is getting his first pair of skates. At around 10 years old, he began playing street hockey and later found aggressive skating. Kevin has a deep passion for the beautiful sport and community. It has always allowed him to have an outlet to stay active mentally and physically, to challenge himself, and to enjoy something alone or with a group. He says he is a big nerd on studying life and dinosaurs. For Kevin, health and wellness is a huge part of his life. If you follow Kevin on social media you’ll see all his green shakes, staying in the gym, and of course lots of skating! Everyone out there reading this, Kevin says thank you for all your support, whether it be now or throughout the years. He loves all of you and hopes we can all continue to stay healthy, happy and skating! Feed your DNA! Make sure to Shop at KRS for all your blading goods! Support the Supporters! 




Josh Acosta was born and raised in Hawaii. He has been rollerblading for about 20 years now. He is a husband, a father, a personal trainer, and a YouTuber. Check him out on YouTube! He has some of the best content for rollerblading on YouTube. His “how-to” videos for skating are very informative and extremely helpful in learning. He loves to share the passion he has for inline skating and helping others in the community. We are super excited to have Josh on the KRS Team!


 Photo Credit: Kyle Smith

Kenny Scherf is a 32 year old Arizona native, and little brother to Andrew Scherf. He has been skating for 22 years (ever since he stole his brothers swindlers when he was out). His many other hobbies are Disc Golf, Bowling, Gaming, and Cooking for the Family. Father of one, and proud to represent KRS and promote the love of skating (all forms) to the children of the world!



Photo Credit: Kazu Mori

Dan Howard is 33 years old and has been skating for 23 years. He's originally from Omaha,  Nebraska and has been in Arizona for the last 7 years. Dan loves checking out new skateparks any chance he gets and is always working to improve his trick vocabulary. When he's not skating he enjoys tinkering with old skate set ups, gaming, and watching movies with his family. Dan is excited to be a part of the Kulture Ride Supply team and says to support your local rollerbladers!




Blake Farmer is currently 35 years old and is from Joplin, Mo but currently resides in Phoenix, AZ. He is a proud husband, father to an angel of a daughter, and rollerblader . He started skating when he was 10 years old and quickly became obsessed. Pretty much anytime not in school was spent on skates working on his craft. He took a long break from rollerblading when he was 17 but his passion for the sport brought him back in 2020. His favorite thing to skate is street, handrails specifically. When he’s not skating he enjoys hanging out with friends and family, working out, and snowboarding. He’s very proud to be part of the KRS team and is excited to see the shop and rollerblading’s growth in the future.