BEK Wake Pro Model Wheel 60MM 90A- 4pk


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Introducing the all new Wake Schepman Pro Wheel. Featuring the Wake in the Wave design which was inspired by his skating character. Known for his high flying, smooth, and powerful tricks, these wheels redefine the skating experience. Boasting a rounded profile and a robust core, our wheel ensures that every movement is distinctly felt through the wheels. The slightly firmer urethane provides an excellent balance, offering both immense grip and superior maneuverability, making it the perfect choice for your next set of wheels. Step into the Wake of the Wave wheel, where each roll is a testament to the precision and excellence inspired by Wake Schepman's skating character. Elevate your skating performance with a wheel that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of avid skaters. Wheel Details Size: 60mm Hardness: 90A Width: 24mm Profile: Round Core: PC Bearing Standard: 608 *Bearings sold separately Designed by Artist and Creative Director Adam Munoa along with inline pro skater Wake Schepman Shipping out October 11th