Snowfeet* | Mini Ski Skates


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Snowfeet* | Mini Ski Skates

TURN SHOES INTO MINI SKIS - Just attach Snowfeet to any winter shoes or snowboard boots. Shoe attachments that turn your shoes into ski skates. Length: 38 cm.

ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Recommended shoe size: 6-13 US / 38-47 EU. (Snowfeet KIDS model fits sizes 27-38 EU / US = Min. 10 (Kids Size) - Max. 6 (Adult Size))

FIT INTO A BACKPACK - So you can take them anywhere. You don’t need ski boots or any other heavy and expensive equipment.

ON + OFF SLOPES - Use them for downhill on the slopes and hiking trails, in snow parks, or just have fun on your local sledding hill or in your backyard.

EASY TO LEARN - Very short learning curve, very easy to use.

MADE IN EUROPE - Revolutionary patented award-winning design. Snowfeet are made of highly durable fiberglass reinforced material. Metal ski edges enable easy stopping. Heel brake lets you slow down.

NEW BOOMING SPORT - Skiskating, a combination of skis and skates that brings the thrill of skating to the snow!

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