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Experience the Iqon Montre Livingston Pro Skate: Unleash Your Joy on Wheels

Step into a world of boundless energy and infectious smiles with the Iqon Montre Livingston Pro Skate. Celebrating the mastery of one of the greatest skaters in the universe, this skate embodies Montre's unparalleled skill and unwavering positivity. With a sleek black and white colorway, this skate exudes effortless style and timeless appeal. Its sneaker-inspired look is a testament to the fusion of fashion and functionality. Designed to catch eyes and turn heads, the Iqon Montre Livingston Pro Skate is a true reflection of your vibrant personality. Equipped with a 45° lace hook and a brand new Iqon cuff, this skate offers unparalleled support and customizable fit. The height-adjustable feature ensures a perfect match for your unique preferences, empowering you to skate with confidence and precision. Crafted with the utmost care, the boot is hand-lasted using glass-fiber reinforced plastic, making it lightweight and remarkably flexible. Indulge in ultimate comfort as you slide into the Iqon Montre Livingston Pro Skate. The MYFIT Prime liner, expertly tailored to Montre's needs, guarantees a plush and personalized fit. Coupled with a heat-moldable carbon shell, this skate provides a snug and responsive feel, amplifying your performance to new heights. Embracing the ethos of excellence, the Iqon Montre Livingston Pro Skate utilizes the finest materials available. From the strong and thick leather to the durable nylon upper material, every component is carefully selected for its quality and longevity. This skate is a testament to Iqon's commitment to excellence and your unyielding pursuit of greatness. Completing this exceptional package is the wide soulplate, the new Kizer Supreme top buckle, and Montre's very own Pro frame from Create Original. Prepare for unmatched stability, unparalleled control, and unrivaled maneuverability. The 58mm from WIN bran, made from Ultra Reactive PU compound, tailored specifically for Montre, ensure lightning-fast speeds and exceptional grip on any surface. Unleash your inner Montre Livingston and seize the day with the Iqon Montre Livingston Pro Skate. Let your smile light up the skating universe as you embark on a journey filled with exhilaration and pure joy. Get ready to rewrite the rules of skating and leave a lasting impression wherever you go. It's time to shine on wheels like never before. The black version comes with a fixed (stitched and riveted) 45° lacing area, while the tan model comes with a loose 45° hook lacing part.

Inline Skate Height in CM: 23cm

Boot Type: Carbon hybrid with replaceable liner, handmade

Boot Mounting Standard: UFS mounting

Shell / Outsole Material: Carbon composite, kevlar reinforced, heat moldable; Soulplate made of DuPont Zytel material

Shell / Outsole Sizes: EU 38-47, 38-41=S plate, 42,43=M plate, 44-45=L plate, 46-46=XL plate

Material Upper / Liner: Leather, Microfiber, PU leather, microfiber lining

Cuff Material: Nylon composite material with glassfiber

Top Closure: Micro adjustable Kizer Supreme buckle

45° Closure / Front Foot Closure: 45° lace lock loop

Liner: IQON X MYFIT Prime liner

Liner Top Closure: Lacing

Innersole: MYFIT EVA skatesole

Shock Absorber: Replaceable MYFIT PU shock absorber

Ventilation: Perforated MYFIT liner

Frame Name: Create Original

Frame Material: Nylon composite

Frame Manufacturing Process: Injection molding

Max. Wheel Size: 58mm

Wheel Setup: 4x58mm flat

Frame Axles: 8mm steel axles

Adjustable Side to Side: false

Adjustable Front to Back: false

Wheel Name: WIN Montre Pro

Wheel Compound: Ultra Reactive Polyurethane

Wheel Diameter: 58mm

Wheel Width: 24mm

Wheel Hardness: 88A

Wheel Bearing Standard: 608 standard

Wheel Spacer: AL floating (UFO) spacer, 8mm

Wheel Spacer: AL floating (UFO) spacer, 8mm

Bearing Brand: WCD Wicked

Bearing Rating: ABEC 9

Bearing Standard: 608 standard

Bearing Material: Chrome steel

Bearing Shield: RZ, single sided rubber coated steel shield

Bearing Lubrication: Kyodo grease