Kingfoam Orthotic FP Insoles - Blue Camo

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Kingfoam Orthotic Insoles: Adaptive Comfort and Supreme Support Experience the ultimate blend of cushioning and stability with our Kingfoam Orthotic Insoles, your ideal shock-absorbing insoles. The non-Newtonian arch core offers exceptional comfort and support when standing, while its unique composition reacts swiftly upon impact, momentarily transforming into a solid state to effectively dissipate and redirect harmful energy, safeguarding your body. Whether you're active in sports or simply need insoles for everyday use, Kingfoam Orthotic Insoles are designed to adapt to your unique arch shape, delivering a level of comfort that feels like walking on a cloud. Choose the Perfect Fit 5mm: Fits in most shoes 3mm: Designed for dress shoes and shoes with paper-thin insoles. Kingfoam Orthotic Insoles are ideally suited for shoes with 4mm or thicker stock insoles. For those who don't experience biomechanical issues or need firm custom orthotic support, these insoles offer a plush and responsive feel. However, if you're seeking consistent firm arch support, we recommend trying our Gamechangers Custom Orthotics. These revolutionary insoles give you the flexibility to mold them according to your specific needs, providing the ultimate in personalized comfort and support. Step Into Space-Age Support When you step into our insoles, you're stepping into the same material used aboard the International Space Station (ISS). After rigorous testing, NASA selected our proprietary FluidX material to protect their Astrobee robots’ highly sensitive equipment, prioritizing its lightweight and high energy-absorbing properties. Special injection-molded components, created in the same manner as our elite series insoles, were integrated into the existing parts of the Astrobee. Now, this cutting-edge material that passes NASA's stringent standards is at your feet, providing unparalleled comfort and support with our Kingfoam Orthotic Insoles.